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Procedural Texturing 


Autodesk Maya, Arnold




Testing out some affects that can be achieved inside Maya. Which works well with Substance PBR textures and layers. Glitter or sparkle has always been an interesting one as it can be used in multiple applications to give alternating effects.

Glitter Shaders

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How to set it up ?

Basic glitter - Using an aiflakes shader plugged in to the normal camera and coat normal of an aistandard surface. Turn the metalness to 1. Play around with the aiflake settings. density , depth, normal randomness, scale. Bump up the AA samples , defuse and indirect in the render settings


Glitter inside glass- Using two aistandard surfaces on metal and one glass . The metal shader will be the colour of the flakes. Plug the two shaders into a aimixshader. The glass into shader 1 and the other into shader 2. Set to Blend. And the flakes alpha into the mix of the aimixshader to create a mask. Assign the mix shader to your object. Play around with the flake setting to get different effects.

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