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COAT 2.0 Dog Shampoo Packaging Design

Designing a luxury dog shampoo refillable pod product like "Coat 2.0" with a high-end, sustainable cardboard box featuring metallic foiled accents can create a visually appealing and eco-friendly packaging. Here's a description of the design

Box Exterior:

  1. Material: The outer box is made from premium, eco-friendly, and recyclable matte black cardboard with a textured finish, giving it a sophisticated and tactile feel.

  2. Colour Palette: The dominant colour is matte black, exuding luxury and elegance. Metallic foiled accents in gold or silver are strategically used for branding and decorative elements, creating a striking contrast against the black background.

  3. Logo & Branding: The "Coat 2.0" logo is embossed in metallic foil on the sides of the box, making it the focal point. The font is modern and stylish, reflecting the high-end nature of the product.

Box Interior:

  1. Pod Compartment: Upon opening the box, the interior reveals a precisely fitted compartment for the "Coat 2.0" refillable pod. The compartment is made from biodegradable or recyclable materials.

  2. Pod Placement: The pod sits snugly within the compartment, showcasing the product's eco-friendly and refillable nature. The pod itself has a clean, modern design, possibly in a translucent or semi-opaque material, allowing customers to see the remaining product


Dog Shampoo Packaging Design
Coat 2.0 Packaging

This design concept balances luxury, sustainability, and functionality to create a visually appealing and environmentally responsible packaging for "Coat 2.0" luxury dog shampoo refillable pods.


Software Used

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

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