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3D Modelling, Texturing & Rendering

Creating minimalist 3D product renders for Wick Fragrance was a captivating and rewarding experience. The essence of the project involved embodying their brand aesthetic through clean and simple design, ensuring that the final renders resonated with their overall image.

Wick Fragrance

Wick Product render 3D
Wick Product render 3D
Wick product render 3D
Wick Product render 3D
Wick Product render 3D


rafting creative product videos for Wick Fragrance that revolved around maintaining a cohesive colour palette and adhering to a distinctive lighting aesthetic. The objective was to showcase the products dynamically, capturing the essence of the brand while keeping the visuals engaging and in line with Wick Fragrance's unique style.

3D Printing

Presenting Wick Fragrance's Exceptional 3D-Printed Model: An Artful Blend of Innovation and Craftsmanship. Our intricately designed piece, meticulously crafted with advanced 3D printing, stands as a testament to precision and creative ingenuity. Immerse yourself in a journey where innovation meets aesthetic brilliance, and every detail resonates with perfection. Wick Fragrance: Redefining Elegance, Shaping Excellence with a New Dimension.

3D Product model for master mould
Wick wax Melter

This section is under construction. Check back soon or contact me for more examples . Thanks  

Props and Assets

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