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Roseau Dive Logo

Roseau Film and Dive Services UK can confidently showcase their expertise and dedication to providing exceptional film and diving services. It serves as a powerful symbol of their commitment to professionalism and their unique position in the industry.

Roseau Dive Logo
Roseau Dive Logo Sketch


Introducing our logo design for Adam Reed's client, Roseau Film and Dive Services UK. This logo embodies the essence of their business, combining elements of film and diving in a sleek and professional manner.

At the centre of the logo, you'll find a captivating symbol—an intricately detailed diver positioned within a film lens. This representation seamlessly merges the two core aspects of Roseau Film and Dive Services UK, creating a visual connection between the worlds of film production and diving exploration.

Behind the diver, we've incorporated the recognizable Alpha dive flag, symbolizing safety and professionalism in the diving industry. This addition not only reinforces the diving aspect of the business but also adds a touch of authenticity and credibility.

The logo features a colour palette of greys and blues, which further emphasizes the professional nature of the services provided by Roseau Film and Dive Services UK. The shades of grey evoke a sense of sophistication and timelessness, while the blues represent the depths of the ocean, symbolizing exploration and adventure.

The text is elegantly placed around the rim of the film lens, carefully crafted to maintain a clean and professional look. The typography chosen for the logo is refined and legible, ensuring clarity and easy recognition.

This logo design captures the spirit of Roseau Film and Dive Services UK, conveying their expertise in both the film and diving industries. The integration of the diver, film lens, and Alpha dive flag, combined with the colour palette and professional typography, creates a powerful visual identity that reflects the professionalism and passion of the company.

With our logo design, Roseau Film and Dive Services UK can establish a strong and memorable brand presence, distinguishing themselves as a trusted provider of film and diving services. It encapsulates their commitment to excellence and their unique combination of skills and services in a visually appealing and cohesive manner.

Phil McLaren Electrical Logo

The final logo design for "Phil McLaren Electrical" is a powerful representation of the Phil's expertise in electrical services, with a modern and dynamic visual identity that sets it apart in the industry

Phil McLaren Electrical Logo


Logo Text:

  • The main text "Phil McLaren Electrical" is in a bold, sans-serif font. The white text stands out prominently against the black background, ensuring readability and contrast.


Colour Palette:

  • The primary colour palette consists of black (background) and white (main text). This classic combination exudes professionalism and simplicity.

  • Gradient Orange Accents: Introduce an eye-catching gradient effect with shades of orange, transitioning from a darker shade at the top to a lighter one at the bottom. These accents should be strategically placed to add depth and energy to the design.


Lightning Bolt:

  • A stylized lightning bolt runs diagonally through the P of the main text (from top left to bottom right). The lightning bolt is in the same gradient orange as the accents, seamlessly blending with the text.

  • The lightning bolt symbolizes electrical energy, speed, and expertise, which align with the electrical services offered by Phil.


Electrical Component Accents:

  • To further emphasize the electrical theme, incorporate subtle, abstract representations of electrical components (such as wires, plugs, or circuits) within the logo. These are in the same gradient orange colour scheme.

  • These accents should be placed around the text and the lightning bolt to create a cohesive visual narrative.


Overall Layout:

  • Ensure a balanced and symmetrical layout that is visually appealing and easy to recognize.

  • Experiment with different variations and sizes of the lightning bolt and electrical components to achieve the desired visual impact.



  • the logo is designed to work well in various sizes and applications, from business cards to signage and digital media.

  • Create both horizontal and vertical versions of the logo to accommodate different design needs.

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